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Public pee pee planters: Should we have them in New Orleans?

As Benny Grunch famously sang, «Ain’t No Place to Pee on Mardi Gras Day.’’ We all know that public urination is a no-no in New Orleans, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Public urination, which can get you arrested on misdemeanor charges in New Orleans, doesn’t just happen on Mardi Gras, of course. Your…

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Paris Turns to Flower-Growing Toilet to Fight Public Urination – THE NEW YORK TIMES

In cities the world over, men (and, to a lesser extent, women) who urinate in the street — al fresco — are a scourge of urban life, costing millions of dollars for cleaning and the repair of damage to public infrastructure. And, oh, the stench. Now, Paris has a new weapon against what the French…

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