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Outdoor urinal designers offer solutions to pandemic public toilet problem / Dezeen

Cities in France are installing outdoor urinals as the coronavirus lockdowns causes a lack of public toilet facilities. The closure of public toilets along with bars, cafes and other venues with facilities means people have nowhere to go to the bathroom when they are out of their homes. In London, there are reports of desperate people using the bushes in parks. Urinal…

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Uritrottoir offers an environmentally-friendly, economical and efficient solution for ‘wild peeing’.

Where communities have nuisances associated with the large influx of people, Uritrottoir offers an environmentally-friendly, economical and efficient solution for ‘wild peeing’. The stand-alone units can be easily located discreetly in streets where there are such risks. In places like Paris where water is used to clean the road and pavement, less cleaning is needed…

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Uritrottoir, one of the runners-up of the #NightTimeRightTime competition !

Once upon a night-time, after dark belonged to the world of dreams, ghosts and vampires, wild animals, hunters and villains. As the urban night grew, so the pioneers moved in. Night-time citizenry became a rude republic of youth and partygoers, of night-workers and sex workers, street cleaners and transport workers toiling from dusk until dawn,…

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Paris compost urinals open near Gare de Lyon station – BBC NEWS

Two new environmentally-friendly compost urinals equipped with miniature gardens on top have opened in Paris near the Gare de Lyon station. The hope is they will encourage men to relieve themselves more hygienically near the station, which is a notorious black spot for urinating in public. If the scheme is successful, it will be expanded…

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Mais wee, monsieur: Paris finds eco solution to public peeing – THE GUARDIAN

Boxes installed in French capital convert urine into compost for use in parks, and absorb unpleasant smell It may be better known as the city of light and of love, but Paris is also – and all too often – the city of pee, and consequently of pong. But the French capital has a new…

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