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Boozy travelers can now pee in the streets of Paris.

Who says you can’t pee in style ?

Uritrottoir Nantes

HOW TO KNOW URINE PARIS / National Geographic

Along with haute cuisine and chic fashion, there’s another long-standing tradition in Paris that’s decidedly less pleasing. Since before the days of Napoleon, the city of love has battled the odorous scourge of les pipis sauvages, or wild peeing. The widespread practice of public urination is technically illegal. But that hasn’t seemed to stanch the…

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Paris gives compost-generating public urinals a ‘dry’ run – MOTHER NATURE NETWORK

The resulting fertilizer will be used in city parks and gardens. Unlike the “splash-back” tactics employed at frequently micturated-upon walls in San Francisco, officials in Paris have opted to take a gentler, less demoralizing and ultimately less messy approach in dissuading public urination. While certainly not encouraging full-bladdered Parisian men to take to the streets…

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Oui! France Whips Out Composting Public Urinals – WEB ECOIST

If you can’t beat ’em, enjoin ’em: France is tackling public urination by whipping out greenery-topped, compost-generating “Uritrottoir” urinals. Doing a wee-wee in public is a no-no just about everywhere, and for a host of obvious reasons. Unfortunately, drinkers gonna drink and when public restrooms are unavailable, well… what goes in must come out, anywhere…

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Paris’ New Public Urinals Also Grow Flowers – PSFK

Design agency Faltazi created the Uritrottoir as an attempt to fight the foul smell of public bathrooms People tend to stay away from conversations about defecation and urine (for obvious reasons). Discussions around sanitation are avoided even though an estimated 2.5 billion people lack access to improved sanitation, which amounts to more than 35 percent…

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Paris’s new public urinals turn pee into fertilizer – CURBED

Will these flower-topped receptacles prove effective in the city’s fight against public urination? Paris has a pee problem. As any visitor with a nose knows, the City of Light is also a city of unpleasant, urinous odors. Every day, Parisian sanitation workers wash some 1,800 square miles of sidewalk in an attempt to combat the…

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Finally, a public place to put your pee: Paris introduces ‘pavement urinal’ – DIGITAL TRENDS

Why it matters to you We all want our big cities to smell less like urine, so why not provide an attractive and green place to pee? Paris is a beautiful place full of great food, great people, and great scenery. However, anyone who has actually visited Paris knows that underneath all that glamor lies…

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Paris’s Classy New Public Urinals Use Your Pee To Grow Flowers –

Nocturnal urinators don’t just leave the unpleasant stench of pee in our streets. They also damage public infrastructure and leave behind a mess that’s surprisingly costly and labor intensive to clean up. Cities are working hard to find a fix: Amsterdam has retractable toilets that rise from the ground. San Francisco deployed paint that splashes…

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Paris Has An Ingenious Solution To Public Urination: Turn Pee Into Compost

Designed to look like flower planters, Paris’s new Uritrottoir urinals store pee on beds of straw or sawdust, which is eventually turned into fertilizer for local parks. Outside the Gare de Lyon train station in Paris, two red boxes topped with flowers look like overdesigned planters, or, from the side, mailboxes. They’re actually public urinals…

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Paris Tries out New Eco-Friendly Urinals That Recycle Urine Into Compost

Parisians met with Uritrottoir, new generation urinals introducing a sustainable way to solve the public urination problem. Even if it is a dream city, Paris has a serious “wild pissing” issue, or as they call it in French, “les pipis sauvages”. To keep their city clean in a sustainable way, French company Faltazi designed eco-friendly…

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