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Design agency Faltazi created the Uritrottoir as an attempt to fight the foul smell of public bathrooms

People tend to stay away from conversations about defecation and urine (for obvious reasons). Discussions around sanitation are avoided even though an estimated 2.5 billion people lack access to improved sanitation, which amounts to more than 35 percent of the world’s population. Paris is trying out new public urinals that hopeimprove sanitation and the quality of street smell through a urinal called the Uritrottoir. Created by design agency Faltazi, the goal is to create a sustainable alternative to your typical horrendous public bathrooms.

The Uritrottoir has two layers. The top layer has what looks similar to most urinals, but with flowers growing on top of compost. The lower layer also comprises of compost but also contains straw, where the urine ends up. The straw is there because the nitrogen in urine plus the carbon from the straw creates amazing fertilizer, and also keeps foul odors contained.

Although currently urinals are accessible to only men, the agency hopes to work on something that is accessible for women as well. This eco-friendly machine may be a helpful solution to an unpleasant problem.


Posted on 8 février 2017 in Presse, USA

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