The urban ecological solution for civilizing «wild peeing»

Everywhere, where communities have to deal with nuisances associated with the influx of people: city center, restaurants, events and facilities open to the public… the uritrottoir offers an environmentally friendly, economical and efficient solution for wild peeing.
Maintained by the technical services or delegated company, the uritrottoir stores urine in a bed of brown material (straw, wood shavings, sawdust), which will subsequently composted on a dedicated platform.
For better integration with the landscape, the uritrottoir has a flower garden that will beautify your public spaces.

Dry urinal
Easily installed in dirty places. Similar to a composting toilet no need to connect to the public sewage system.
Recycle urine for ornamental gardening.
Save water.

Remotely informed on the bins filling level.
Maintenance route optimised.

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