Public pee pee planters: Should we have them in New Orleans?

As Benny Grunch famously sang, «Ain’t No Place to Pee on Mardi Gras Day.’’ We all know that public urination is a no-no in New Orleans, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Public urination, which can get you arrested on misdemeanor charges in New Orleans, doesn’t just happen on Mardi Gras, of course. Your nose will tell you that on a stroll down Bourbon Street.

The city of Paris has come up with a solution. It «has a new weapon against what the French call ‘les pipis sauvages’ or ‘wild peeing’: a sleek and eco-friendly public toilet. Befitting the country of Matisse, the urinal looks more like a modernist flower box than a receptacle for human waste,’’ reports The New York Times.

«Enter the boxy Uritrottoir — a combination of the French words for «urinal» and «pavement» — which has grabbed headlines and has already been lauded as a «friend of flowers» by Le Figaro, the French newspaper, because it produces compost that can be used for fertilizer. Designed by Faltazi, a Nantes-based industrial design firm, its top section also doubles as an attractive flower or plant holder.»

San Francisco has tried something similar to combat public urination. «To help alleviate this problem while also injecting a bit of greenery into the cityscape, Brent Bucknum of Oakland-based Hyphae Design Laboratory has developed a chemical-free public urinal-garden hybrid dubbed PPlanter,’’ reports Mother Nature Network.

So what about New Orleans? Is this the perfect solution to our lack of public toilets during Mardi Gras and other occasions? Vote in our poll and leave us a note in the comment section.


Posted on 3 février 2017 in Presse, USA

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