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Paris’s Classy New Public Urinals Use Your Pee To Grow Flowers –

Nocturnal urinators don’t just leave the unpleasant stench of pee in our streets. They also damage public infrastructure and leave behind a mess that’s surprisingly costly and labor intensive to clean up. Cities are working hard to find a fix: Amsterdam has retractable toilets that rise from the ground. San Francisco deployed paint that splashes…

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Paris Has An Ingenious Solution To Public Urination: Turn Pee Into Compost

Designed to look like flower planters, Paris’s new Uritrottoir urinals store pee on beds of straw or sawdust, which is eventually turned into fertilizer for local parks. Outside the Gare de Lyon train station in Paris, two red boxes topped with flowers look like overdesigned planters, or, from the side, mailboxes. They’re actually public urinals…

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