Uritrottoir, one of the runners-up of the #NightTimeRightTime competition !

Once upon a night-time, after dark belonged to the world of dreams, ghosts and vampires, wild animals, hunters and villains.

As the urban night grew, so the pioneers moved in. Night-time citizenry became a rude republic of youth and partygoers, of night-workers and sex workers, street cleaners and transport workers toiling from dusk until dawn, resetting the city to its daytime default.

Globalisation and a digitised postindustrial economy has changed that.

Is changing that.

Now clients and service providers communicate at all hours — from running countries and megacorporations, to paying household bills or taking that late-evening food delivery.

We no longer need to live according to traditional units of time.

’24/7’ – once the ultimate buzzword of dynamic business – is surpassed by ‘#24/24’. The new chronology of working has its own acronym: NTE, the Night Time Economy. The sector delivers £66 billion to the UK economy and employs 1.3 million people.

Until recently, night-life behaviour was seen through the frame of public disorder, a riot of health and safety issues.

It was a series of problems to be solved. But a coincidence of forces has woken up citizens, businesses and politicians to new possibilities for the nocturnal city: from youth culture entrepreneurs seeing gentrification and licensing laws impact club culture, to the opening up of the 24-hour city through cheap digital transport companies, to a globalised workforce seeking to make their own time, to the ecological and social need to make more of assets in the city that are used for just parts of the day, sub-optimally.

This show highlights icons of historic and current pioneering architecture, design and urban policy-making that mark the intersections between night-time and the built environment. It identifies four filters to help interpret building for the night:

— Tempo
— Branded
— Infrastructure
— Metamorphic

Ideas from accross the globe came together for the Night Time Is The Right Time ideas competition. The top 3 competion entries included:

WINNER – myKanaal

RUNNER-UP – Musical Swings

RUNNER-UP  –  Uritrottoir

Visit Night Time Is The Right Time at The Building Centre from 1 June – 15 August 2017. The Building Centre is open 9.00am – 6.00pm on weekdays and 10.00am – 5.00pm on Saturday.

Posted on 26 mai 2017 in Presse, Royaume-Uni

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